FC Porto vs Liverpool
17/04/19, 21:00

Upcoming Events

Date Event Home Draw Away
Football > UEFA Champions League Today 20:00
Today 20:00
Genk - Liverpool
Football UEFA Champions League
Football > UEFA Europa League Tomorrow 17:55
Tomorrow 17:55
FC Porto - Rangers
Football UEFA Europa League
Football > English Premier League 27/10/19 15:30
27/10/19 15:30
Liverpool - Tottenham
Football English Premier League
Football > Portuguese Primeira Liga 27/10/19 16:30
27/10/19 16:30
FC Porto - Famalicao
Football Portuguese Primeira Liga
Football > English EFL Cup 30/10/19 18:30
30/10/19 18:30
Liverpool - Arsenal
Football English EFL Cup
Football > English Premier League 02/11/19 14:00
02/11/19 14:00
Aston Villa - Liverpool
Football English Premier League

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