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At OddsExplorer, we have created a compendium of bookmakers from around the world. We compare their betting odds side by side, so you can choose and get the best possible odds on your bet.
What it looks like: If you bet $100 on Brazil winning a game, you can win $120 with one bookmaker and $130 with another. OddsExplorer suggests which betting provider you should use to get the maximum profit.

Bookmakers calculate odds based on their estimations of the odds of any given outcome, as well as actual real time betting patterns. As a result, different bookmakers will have different odds for a specific outcome. By comparing odds of different bookmakers, users can increase their winnings by approximately 10-15% over time. This increase is in annual profit, not a singular bet only.

We compare the odds of more than a dozen bookmakers from all over the globe, while the number of our partners grow every month. The idea is to offer you a comparison between all the reliable bookmakers on our site, as well as comparisons between as many events and types of bets as possible.

In addition to comparing odds, we also provide you with several important features:

  1. “Sure bets”: We list the highest Sure bets and update them in real time (to find out more about Surebets, look up “What is Surebetting?” In our FAQ section.)
  2. Bookmakers: We offer you interesting bonuses and free bets of bookmakers. Additionally, we calculate the score of each bookmaker, giving you a clear rating based on their traffic, size, payout, and bet coverage.
  3. Recommended bets: We list for you recommended bets based on an Odds attractiveness algorithm.

There are many advantages to having a user account. You can customize your favourite bookmakers, your preferable odds format and time zone. You can also predict matches and choose your favourite leagues and teams/players. Our team is currently working on other additional features that will be available soon.

When you register for free, you can navigate to the User Settings section located in the upper left column. There, you can personalize your bookmaker list, unselecting those that you do not want to use.

The time zone is automatically synchronized with the time of your PC. If you would like to change it, you may do so by clicking on the left column of our home page. If you are registered, the time zone will stay the same, no matter where you are in the world.

No, we do not accept payments, as our website is not a bookmaker. Instead, we compare different bookmakers, offering you an odds comparison between these providers.


Odds are numbers, which are used to calculate the winning ratio for any given stake. In general, the rule is - the higher the odds, the lower the probability of winning.

Bookmaker’s odds are constantly updated on our database and are updated immediately on the website. When a page is used, odds are refreshed every 60 seconds, without the need to reload.

Yes, you can always change the format in which you view the odds. In addition to decimal (European) odds, you can switch formats to fractional (UK) and American odds. If you are registered, you can choose from the list of different formats at any time by clicking the link in your profile settings. You can then use those settings across devices. If you do not have an OddsExplorer account yet, the link is available in the left column, above the indicated time zone.

The payout is the percentage returned to the bettors in total and is the opposite value of the bookmaker’s margin. For example, if you were to bet €100 on outcomes with a 92% payout, you would get back €92 from each bet on average. The bookmaker's profit would be the remaining €7. On larger payouts, bookmakers operate with lower margins and higher odds. On average it is always better to use bookmakers with a high payout to place your bets.


Yes, all of our old matches and odds are stored in the Archive section.

Sure Bets

A Sure Bet or a Sure Win is a bet that guarantees winning no matter the outcome of the event. A Sure Bet is a result of the difference between the odds of different bookmakers in a way that, in the right proportions, your stake is lower than your winnings for any outcome.

There are a few risks involved in “Sure betting”:

  1. Odds Errors: Most bookmakers have the option to cancel bets originated from errored odds at any time, leaving the bettor with uncovered outcome and a risk of losing.
  2. Bookie Rules:  Different bookies have variations in rules when it comes to match outcomes (like when a Tennis player retires), so you need to make sure your bets will cover all outcomes.
  3. Time to bet: Odds can change before you can cover all options, so always verify latest odds on bookmakers’ websites before placing a bet.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a betting strategy that allows individuals to profit from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It involves covering all possible outcomes of an event and placing specific size bets with different bookmakers on all outcomes so the value of the free bet is retained regardless of the actual outcome.

You can use the calculator icon to select the amount you wish to bet and the calculator will calculate all stakes for all outcomes of the event.

There are a few risks involved in Matched Betting:

  1. A ban or a limit on the accounts.
  2. Different bookies have variations in rules when it comes to match outcomes (like when a Tennis player retires), so you need to make sure your bets will cover all outcomes.
  3. Odds can change before you can cover all options, so always verify latest odds on bookmakers’ websites before placing a bet.


To regain access to your account, click on the ‘forgot password?’ link located at the bottom of the page. (It is important to note that we do cannot access your password, as it is encrypted. Thus, the only way to retrieve your password is to enter your data.)


If you are encountering technical difficulties, you can report the problem via the ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of the page. Using the form, you may list the subject under ‘A bug on our site’. If there is anything else you would like to ask, you are welcome to get in touch with us through the same form.

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