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Our odds calculator allows you to input your odds in American (e.g. +125), Fractional (e.g. 5/4) or Decimal (e.g. 2.25) odds and your total stake, and immediately calculates your potential winnings & payout for the bet

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Parlay Calculator

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A parlay is a single bet that multiplies two or more individual odds from multiple events for a much higher overall payout. In order for the parlay to win, each game must win or push (tie). If any of the games lose, the entire bet loses.

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Sure Bet Calculator

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Use Sure Bet calculator to check whether given odds create a risk free sure bet (sure win, arbitrage bet) opportunity. Simply enter the total amount you wish to bet and the odds for each outcome and the calculator will immediately calculate the stakes for all outcomes, your potential winnings & payout and the risk free return (profit or loss).

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Odds are numbers, which are used to calculate the winning ratio for any given stake. In general, the rule is - the higher the odds, the lower the probability of winning.

Yes, you can always change the format in which you view the odds. In addition to decimal (European) odds, you can switch formats to fractional (UK) and American odds. If you are registered, you can choose from the list of different formats at any time by clicking the link in your profile settings. You can then use those settings across devices. If you do not have an OddsExplorer account yet, the link is available in the left column, above the indicated time zone.

The payout is the percentage returned to the bettors in total and is the opposite value of the bookmaker’s margin. For example, if you were to bet €100 on outcomes with a 92% payout, you would get back €92 from each bet on average. The bookmaker's profit would be the remaining €7. On larger payouts, bookmakers operate with lower margins and higher odds. On average it is always better to use bookmakers with a high payout to place your bets.

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